Larry P. Heck

Georgia Institute of Technology


I am the R. S. Farmer Jr Advanced Computing Concepts Endowed Chair, a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, co-Executive Director of the Machine Learning Center (ML@GT), and a Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have a joint appointment in the College of Engineering (Electrical & Computer Engineering) and the College of Computing (Interactive Computing).

I am interested in next generation Virtual Assistants, Conversational AI, and Natural Language and Speech Processing. My research goal is to create an autonomous digital human that can freely communicate with humans in open, mixed-reality domains.


Mar 12, 2023 coming soon…

highlighted publications

  1. AAAI ’23
    Commonsense Reasoning for Conversational AI: A Survey of the State of the Art
    Richardson, Christopher, and Heck, Larry
    In Workshop on Knowledge Augmented Methods for NLP (KnowledgeNLP-AAAI’23) Feb 2023
  2. ACLConvAI ’22
    Multimodal Conversational AI: A Survey of Datasets and Approaches
    Sundar, Anirudh, and Heck, Larry
    In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on NLP for Conversational AI May 2022
  3. CHI ’21
    Empowering Dyads of Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment And Their Care Partners Using Conversational Agents
    Zubatiy, Tamara, Vickers, Kayci L, Mathur, Niharika, and Mynatt, Elizabeth D
    In Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems May 2021
  4. ACM HCI ’21
    Pivoting an MCI Empowerment Program to Online Engagement
    Mynatt, Elizabeth D., Vickers, Kayci, LaForce, Salimah, Farmer, Sarah K., Johnson, Jeremy M., Doiron, Matthew, Ramesh, Aparna, Fain, Walter Bradley, Zubatiy, Tamara, and Rodriguez, Amy D.
    Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. Jan 2022